Degeneratív kis ízületi gyulladás

Degenerative Small Joint Arthritis

“I am 50 years old. I played the piano in my childhood for 8 years. I had to stop it because articular deformation developed in my fingers.

Both of my hands became inappropriate for fine motions (e.g. grasping, scrolling of a newspaper, picking of a needle) and I had permanent pain with the motion.

After more than 30 years I did not trust in healing when one of my friends offered me the Safe Laser device. I treated the small arthritis of my hands with laser.

After the first treatments pains different from the “ordinary” ones occurred, and at the 5th treatment it stopped. (treatment reaction.)

After 1 month of treatment pain has almost fully gone, my joints became loose and they can move more easily. During my training I could put my palm down, at my great surprise, and I did not have to push my fists. It could not have been achieved with many physiotherapy treatments, my hand remained rigid and pain has always come back.

I can offer use of the device for each fellow of mine, it will be a salvation in for them!”